Blue Earth Teardrop Necklace

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Jasper has been used for centuries by ancient healers and gurus as a healing and nurturing stone that can provide courage and wisdom.  Jasper carries a strong connection to the Earth's Energy, making its healing properties very beneficial for Grounding, Stability, and Strength.

Echoing the stillness of the night sky, the Onyx crystal stone meaning symbolizes initiation and change in Peruvian and Native American traditions because it inspires feelings of personal power that come from facing your fears. Being free of garden-variety phobias is like having a superpower. It frees your soul from the shackles of self-doubt and anxiety by guiding you to a richer, more meaningful existence.

This incredible and unique necklace is perfect for creating a positive connection with Mother Earth and our surroundings.  Additionally, it looks gorgeous and will have everyone asking where you found such a unique and stunning bracelet.

  • Materials: Onyx, Pyrite and Jasper Natural Stones, Thread, Rose Gold Beads
  • Metal: Copper & Alloy
  • Size: 36 inches + 2.1 inches pendant in length
  • Teardrop Stone: Ocean Jasper (2.1*1.6 inches)
  • Handmade Artwork
  • Made with Love and carefully manufactured
Blue Earth Teardrop Necklace
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